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Contact Your Elected Official and ask them to Support the ALS Registry

Request your senators' support of the ALS Registry Act (S. 1382). On the Advocacy Center, you can request your Senators support for the bill. Visit and enter your zip code.

To view the text of the bill and it's status in Congress, visit and enter the bill number "S. 1382" in the search box.

You may also contact your Senator through the official US Senate website -

If you prefer to send your letter by US mail, a postal address available on the web page. A sample letter is shown below.

Sample Letter to Congress to Support ALS Registry Act (S. 1382)

Dear Senator,

I am writing to request that you cosponsor S.1382, the ALS Registry Act of 2007, legislation introduced by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV). The ALS Registry Act is urgently needed to help our nation find a treatment and cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

During the 110th Congress, the ALS Registry Act unanimously passed the Health, Education, Labor, Pensions Committee and over 60 Senators have cosponsored the bill. Additionally, the House of Representatives has passed the House companion bill by a vote of 411-3. This critical legislation would establish a nationwide ALS registry at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Administration also has expressed its support for an ALS registry by including funding for a registry in the President's FY 2008 Budget.

ALS is a particularly cruel disease that destroys a person's ability to control muscle movement. As the disease progresses, its victims become trapped inside a body they no longer can control; unable to walk, talk, breathe or even blink an eye. There is no effective treatment for ALS, no known cause and no cure. Military veterans are approximately twice as likely to die from ALS as those who have not served in the military; although the disease can strike anyone, regardless of their age, gender, race or nationality. And it is always fatal - in an average of two to five years following diagnosis.

You can help your constituents in their fight against this horrific disease by becoming a cosponsor of the ALS Registry Act. The bill would help arm our nation's scientists and researchers with the information and data they need to find a treatment and cure.

I urge you to become a cosponsor of this important legislation. Please contact Carolyn Gluck in Majority Leader Harry Reid's office(202-224-3542) to become a cosponsor of the ALS Registry Act.

Thank you for your consideration of my concerns. I hope that you will join your constituents in the ALS community in our state as we continue to fight for a treatment and cure for Lou Gehrig's disease.


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